You just can’t beat the person who never gives upBabe Ruth

This blog is intended to be a narrative of my personal journey into the world of public servitude and is an exercise of my First Amendment Rights. I take the role of elected public servant very seriously as it is an honor bestowed on very few. I am grateful for the faith in me shown by the voters and I pledge to you – that my first and foremost priority is – and will remain – to serve the People.

A narrative is not my only goal here – my job now, is to serve the People – to that end, I believe that a Director must be transparent, accountable, and available and this blog will provide an avenue for that to happen. To accomplish transparency the public needs to: 1) know and understand the challenges and experiences I am facing as a public servant (as this goes directly to understanding my ability to “get things done”) and 2) be able to communicate with me as their elected official. I believe that my role as Director is also educational – so I plan to educate as I, myself, become educated. Welcome to my Journey!

With that in mind, I have made it easy for folks to comment on the blog. Please note: any communication that uses foul and/or violent language or threats will be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities. Civility and good manners are the order of the day – disagree with me, criticize me, as you wish – but Please Remain Civil. This blog site is a Work in Progress. It is therefore far from complete. Any errors are mine. Documents provided in this blog site are all available to the public or are already part of the public record and can be easily obtained over the internet.

One Last Note: All communications between the public and an elected official, are part of the public record and must be retained as such. 

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