NYWD Board Packets

I have repeatedly requested that NYWD post a link to a PDF of the board packets on their website. GM Maupin and The Four Directors refuse to even acknowledge my request. Providing board packets – not simply an agenda – is paramount to transparency. We have already established the NYWD GM and his posse do not want transparency.

Therefore, I am creating a new page here on my blog site and will upload all board packets, as well as my personal notes here for the public. I vowed to be transparent and accountable. My notes frequently consist of questions I have, which are rarely answered, even when the Four Directors actually allow me to ask the questions.

If you want to view the videos of the meetings you can click here: https://she-persisted.life/critics-corner-you-are-invited-to-view-the-board-meeting-videos-for-yourself/

Well folks – yep – they have done it again!. Yet another PRESSING issue that cannot wait until the regular board meeting. But wait – that is not all! Again we have another presentation of a whole slew of information that have not been previously provided to the public nor (ostensibly) to the Board of Directors – at least I have not seen any engineering plans. Stay tuned – although does anyone really have any suspense regarding the outcome of these votes?

The Sept 26, 2019 meeting was odd for a couple of reasons: 1) In May, the planned board meeting was cancelled – allegedly due to the absence of the Office Manager who plays no role in the Board meetings. We arrived for the Sept. 26 meeting, only to find that both the Finance Manager and the General Manager (who also acts as Secretary) were absent from meeting, yet that meeting was not cancelled. It was also the first time the GM had ever been absent form a board meeting since he was hired in 2011. 2) The Grand Jury was in attendance at this meeting. Coincidence? You decide. Watch the video here: https://wordpress.com/block-editor/page/she-persisted.life/1165?authWpAdmin=true

After 90 Days! NYWD Decided to Have Another Board Meeting!

Hey – guess What? NYWD Board decided to finally have another board meeting. January 23, 2020 5 pm. It has only been 90 days since the last board meeting! What have they been up to? Good luck deciphering where the NYWD monies have been going for the last 90 days….
What have the Four Directors and GM been up to over their 90+ -day hiatus?? A great deal apparently!

Oddly, last month, we (the NYWD directors) voted to adopt the change in boundary lines of the NYWD Sphere of Influence as some parcels were actually paying taxes to BVID and NYWD! They received their water from BVID. So it makes sense to re-do the map.

What we did NOT do was talk about changing the voting blocks within the NYWD Sphere of Influence. When asked at the meeting in January how the change in division would be done and who would be involved in that – GM Maupin indicated he “didn’t really know yet”.

Well gosh – if that is true – then how is it possible that this month, the Board Packet contains a map re-drawing the voting blocks and the date on the bottom clearly shows the map was prepared in October 2019???? Why would he deliberately mislead the public and the board (or at least me) that way? What is in play here?

Further, why all this about Oroleve Creek coming up? That was certainly not a line item in the 2019-2020 budget! Further, this project is NOT a Categorical Exemption. That would be illegal.

Well folks, you may heard that the GM and Four Complicit directors pulled a fast one at the February 27, 2020 Regular Board Meeting. Yup – an agenda item listed as Public Hearing and presented as though we – the Board- would be discussing and voting whether to hold public hearings about the so-called new NYWD Division map – turned into an actual Public Hearing. You read that correctly folks!

And if that wasn’t enough for the public – Monday, March 9, 2020 at 3:45 pm, I received an email announcing a “Special Meeting” on March 11, 2020 at 8 am. Check out the Board Packet to see what this “Special Meeting” really is. Here is the Flipbook of the Board Packet and below is link to download the packet for yourself.
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