Water and life are inseparable and interacting. Water is essential for all living organisms; any agency governing and managing the use of water has grave responsibilities to the public and the environment. NYWD provides domestic, irrigation, and municipal water. NYWD’s service territory is a rural area with agricultural pursuits from vineyards and orchards to livestock and ranging from large enterprises to small, sustainable farms. A few communities receive domestic water (Brownsville, Challenge, Cummings Ranch, Forbestown, Rackerby, and Sharon Valley), the remainder in NYWD’s service territory rely on domestic wells. Irrigation water is provided to approximately 115 residents. Some people are annexed into NYWD but receive no water, yet they are paying taxes that go to NYWD.

Dry Creek – Our Irrigation Water Source for the first part of our season (sometimes lasting into June or even July!)

I have yet to find a mission statement for NYWD – there is none on their website page and I have not been provided a copy of one as a newly-elected director.

Madera Irrigation District’s mission state: “to obtain and manage affordable surface water and groundwater supplies in a manner which will ensure the long-term viability of irrigated agriculture in the District.”

SFWP’s mission statement:
“to deliver a dependable supply of safe, quality drinking water to its customers, and a dependable supply of water for agricultural users, in an economical, efficient and publicly responsible manner”.

I think both mission statements apply to NYWD’s responsibility to the public.

To learn about the Water Cycle please see this page: https://she-persisted.life/the-hydrologic-cycle/

To learn how aquifers, groundwater, and wells work, please visit this page:https://she-persisted.life/aquifers-groundwater-and-wells/

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